Bodywork Therapy by Linda - Life doesn't  have to have pain!

Therapeutic Massage: Neuro Muscular Therapy, addresses pain at its source. 80% of pain is soft tissue in nature. It gets to the tissue that has trigger points and tension.

Relaxation Massage: A full Body massage is a way to reduce stress, relieve tension in muscles and way for you to treat yourself or some one you care about who needs a chance to relax.

Craniosacral Therapy: This modality is used to detect and correct unbalances in the craniosacral system, which may be the cause of sensory, motor or neurological dysfunction. This therapy had been successfully used to treat headaches, migraines, neck and back pain, TMJ, chronic fatique, motor coordination difficulties, eye problems and central nervous system disorders.

Lymph Drainage: The LDT process involves the use of gentle manual maneuvers to aid in the recirculation of body fluids. While the method is very light pressure and relaxing to clients. Helps reduce, edemas(swelling) and lymphedemas of many organs. Relief of inflammation, immune system stimulation, regeneration of tissues pre and post surgical scarring, detoxification of the body and relief of chronic pain.

Visceral Manipulation: VM is a gentle manual therapy that aids your body's ability to release restrictions that cause pain and dysfunction of the internal organs, such as the liver, kidneys and intestines. Helps with digestive disorders, acid reflux, pelvic pain, headaches, joint pain, post-operative scar tissue pain. and more.

: Helps to clear any impingement in the peripheral nervous system along a single nerve pathway: thereby having a specific impact on the nervous system. Clients will stand up more balanced, with increased ROM and a decrease in pain.

A wonderful relaxing ancient hands-on-healing therapy, working with subtle energy fields of the body to remove blockages, which are the beginning of illness and pain.

: A non-invasive natural health treatment that helps to cleanse the body of toxins and retained fluids. It is a specific blend of massage modalities that are derived from physical therapy including deep lymphatic drainage and deep tissue release. It is much safer than surgical lyposuction.

Hot Stone Therapy:

This massage goes beyond the physical experience of the typical massage and allows the body to enter deeper dimension of relaxation, health, and well-being.

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